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Asseddiq Language Schools is situated in the Tenth of Ramadan City and it is  , about 55 kilometers northeast of Cairo on an area of ​​9000 m2 and the building is surrounded by trees and gardens , the first Language School in Tenth of Ramadan which  opened in 95 – 96 .map

• It is the first integrated school (languages ​​- Arabic – American Diploma) from kindergarten up to secondary school.

• The first Quran school all over the govern ate (where a daily period is allocated to memorize an due care entire part of the Quran annually) with attention to the Christian religion. The in the region First in the sector in the results of the general high school for four consecutive years .

• The first school accredited by the CITA American International Diploma in maintaining a ministerial decision No. 217 dated 16/08/2005 )

• scholarships for high achievers

• A special program to prepare students for the SAT tests for free from  August every year .

• giving opportunities to improve English language and computer free during summer .

• – payment facilities –

• For the first time speaking defects  the clinic to treat – stuttering – sting – Audio – the deterioration of the language

• Gifted School – in football in the summer vacation under the supervision of Al – Ahly and the golf school

• Quran School  – memorization and recitation

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Email: asseddiqschools@gmail.com
address: 10th of Ramadan City
Tel: 015/360611 -015/383926- 015/383925

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