Secondary Public Rules


  • When students enter the school in the morning, they should proceed at once to the playground and not loiter around the gate. They should not enter the classroom before school starts.
  • Students may not leave a classroom during a class period except for illness or for a special emergency, and then only by a written and signed special permission slip from the teacher or head of the level.
  • During recess, students stay on the playground. One may enter the classroom only for a special reason and only if permission slip is presented by the teacher.
  • Behavior in the school bus will conform to the highest standard of conduct in public. There is to be no screaming, shouting or eating in the bus.
  • Once assigned their places on the bus, students will not change their seats except with permission of the bus supervisor. Each student must be on time for the bus. They have no right to keep a bus waiting.
  • A student must bring a written request from her/his parents and present it to the Bus Office during recess if she’s not going home on the bus.
  • Ten minutes after dismissal bell has rung. All bus doors will close and the buses will move whether you are on the bus or not.
  • No student is allowed to change buses, not even for one day.
  • Students do not keep large sums of money with them. It is a temptation to others and can easily be lost.
  • Lunch sandwiches must be in plastic bags. No food to be kept in desks overnight.
  • Name and class should be marked on all books, notebooks..
  • It is forbidden to bring chewing gum to school. These are unwanted habits.
  • Students should not give individual gifts to members of the staff. Only flowers are acceptable.
  • Students should show their appreciation of teachers by hard work, obedience and conduct.
  • Students should turn in anything found to the Social Education Office Immediately.
  • Students are not permitted to enter bus area except at dismissal time. They should not sit inside parked buses.
  • No student has permission to enter the staff rooms at any time.
  • Students are not permitted to use the telephone except for emergency and by special permission
  • No student is to enter the gardens or pick the flowers. They are for the esthetic appreciation of everyone.
  • They deadline for reports, reserving places for picnics, or field trips should be observed
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